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I co-founded Left Right Minds, a digital agency that helps you love your technology.

I am the CTO of Northern Voice, a conference at Canada's digital frontier.

I write books including Blogging for Dummies 2nd, 3rd and 4th Editions.

I share knowledge about technology including podcasting at Dyscultured.

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I am currently working on several podcasts and writing for a few blogs. For off-the-cuff thoughts and commentary while I am on my daily walks, check out The Sound of Awesome. The ShaneCast is my personal podcast where I talk about life and other topics that strike me as interesting. I also have Shoes In The Living Room, a podcast that covers gaming and living life in a loft with three other individuals.

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Why not get in touch! E-mail me or contact me via one of my many social channels. I'm approachable and pretty darn cool.